Source code and compiling

Getting source code

You can download source code severel ways, the easy way is button on the right side of this page, which link to *.zip file with latest source code. Also you can use one of the public mirrors of our repository on sourceforge or github to be able to use SVN or GIT version control systems. As project is based on XAML which isn't yet supported in mono all other description is made only for windows users. If you don't whant to get acces to SVN \ GIT version control systems or you already know how to work with them you can skip reading this paragraf.

Note: This are public mirrors for private server, they are auto updating evry 24 hours. So if you don't see latest changes try later.

Using SVN repository

1. Install TortoiseSVN .*1
2. Create folder on disk select "SVN Checkout..." throw context menu.
3. Use "svn://" as repository URL (without quates)

Using GIT repository

1. Install TortoiseGIT .*2
2. Create folder on disk select "GIT Clone..." throw context menu.
3. Use "git://" as repository URL (without quates)

Compiling source code

For building project you requre Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, if you don't have it you can get free light version called Express edition. Mention that you can use older or newest version, such as MVS2008, MVS2010 or MVS2013 or others, but we don't support them officialy, so if you will get problems using them the best first thing to do is to try MVS2012. After that you can ither run script "build.bat" or open solution ("EssenceUDK.sln") in IDE and press F6 to build it or F5 to build and run.

  • *1 .:You can use any other SVN client if you want.
  • *2 .:You can use any other GIT client if you want.