Map Maker


What is Map Maker?

It's a OPENSOURCE program written in C# and based on ESSENCE UDK for making the map of Ultima online.

Does it make UOP map files too?
Not yet but i'm working for it.

How does it work?

It's a program based on "Texture groups" AND colors.

In blue you have the images of textures : UP = All the textures in mulfiles ; DOWN: the textures that you added to the TEST group.
In violet you have the NAME of the texture group.

Just right click on the tile you want to add / remove and a context menu will appear! ;)

What is a color in Map Maker?
A color is the color users will use to draw their own maps.

How is possible to setup a color?

Each color must point to a Texture group (red)
Each color must have a different index (blue)

Name of the color are used for users because they will be exported in ACO files.

MAX and MIN are the random height that will be summed each time to the altitude added via bitmap file in the building map process if user select the "automatic height" mode

The type of the land is important to tell to the program how it should handle the color.

It can be handled as LAND tile, Mountain Tile, Water Tile or WATERCOAST tile. It depends by what you need to do with that color.