History of changes

0.7.9 (09.10.2017)

  • Bug #393: Range check error in drawing mode
  • Bug #394: Blinking scene corners after startup
  • Bug #428: minimap don't update after switching zoom
  • Improvement #429: new tool - editing mesh
  • Improvement #395: Render optimization
  • Improvement #427: Landscape block cache optimization
  • Improvement #396: Add new hotkeys for VirtualLayer
  • Improvement #430: Support uop data for new clients
  • Improvement #431: Support artLegacyMUL.uop file format
  • Improvement #432: Support map#LegacyMUL.uop file format
  • Misc #433: Update logo, splash and installer

0.7.8 (26.08.2014)

  • Bug #184: Transitions from the random-list
  • Bug #199: Bug at tile choice in toolbar after starting
  • Bug #259: Settings reloading
  • Improvement #185: Slow tile loading
  • Improvement #188: Drawing pre-view for multi-objects
  • Improvement #260: Color lighting
  • Improvement #261: Icons of virtual lighting

0.7.7 (31.07.2013)

  • Bug #103: Encoding error in WinSoks messages
  • Bug #179: Client handling at disconnecting
  • Bug #180: Encoding problems
  • Feature #73: New user access level: "Developer"
  • Feature #114: Show map/statics blocks borders
  • Feature #162: Landscape moving with "move tool"
  • Feature #166: Varios interface improvment
  • Feature #178: Changing behaviot of tiles filter window
  • Feature #181: Errors checks in TilesBrush.xml
  • Feature #182: Replacing objects tree list with item list
  • Feature #183: Adding support of server localisations
  • Misc #167: Installer updating
  • Misc #169: Restructuring and data updating

0.7.6 (11.08.2012)

  • Bug #155: Memory leak when loading groups
  • Feature #4: The scope of visibility of the axes X, Y.
  • Bug #68: Changing the GUI (union tabs minimap and customers)
  • Bug #115: Loading tiles in groups of TilesBrush.xml
  • Bug #130: Search by ID tiles
  • Feature #153: Ability to change the language and adding new locations
  • Updated and improved by the application installer.

0.7.5 (22.02.2012)

  • Mistake #83: Displaying child windows
  • Mistake #92: The size of the filter window and preview color on static
  • Mistake #93: "Range check error" when changing colors
  • Mistake #95: "Range check error" when pointing at MultiObject
  • Mistake #96: "Range check error" when switching to the list of tiles
  • Mistake #97: Filtering and tiles MultiObject
  • Mistake #98: "Invalid type cast" while drawing on a virtual layer statics
  • Mistake #99: Displaying Cyrillic in tooltips
  • Bug #100: "Range check error" when scrolling map
  • Bug #104: Incorrect rolled editor
  • Feature #1: Tool - "smart brush" to paint textures
  • Feature #2: Zooming the screen
  • Bug #108: Smooth scroll card
  • Bug #109: Splash initialization
  • Bug #111: Placing static only on empty Tile
  • Bug #112: Checking for drawing

0.7.4 (13.12.2011)

  • Mistake #75: Preview of all colors when choosing colors
  • Mistake #79: Placing objects on the slopes
  • Mistake #91: OutOfRange Exception mutations both at the height of static
  • Feature #6: Working with MultiObject
  • Bug #8: Install the tiles in size at the same height
  • Bug #71: Filtering stairs
  • Bug #74: Compact color window
  • Bug #77: Adding objects with a given chance
  • Bug #78: Remember last selected color
  • Feature #80: Improve statusbar
  • Miscellaneous #69: Missing translation dialog box

0.7.3 (16.06.2011)

  • * Ispravley errors when using operations on the area.
  • * Minimap can now include over windows.
  • * Mnozhetsvo minor fixes interface.

0.7.2 (14.06.2011)

  • * Fixed load *.mul client files from the path that contains Cyrillic.
  • * Fixed a bug when displaying static tiles with flag Animation ID and more 0xBFFF, when the option "Animation."
  • + Ability to quickly screenshots workspace editor (screenshots are saved in the folder "[CentrEd]/ScreenShots/..." in the *.jpg format).
  • * Added hotkey: Animation (Ctrl+A), make a screenshot (Ctrl+S), Reload Group (Ctrl+R), draw a grid (Ctrl+G), a derivation of height (Ctrl+H), flat view (Ctrl+F), NoDraw Tiles (Ctrl+N)
  • + Added full screen mode and the ability to switch between windowed and full screen mode.
  • * The design form "Login" and form "of the program", in zagovke form now shows the client version and the active profile.
  • + Added ability to clear the cache profile (udayalyaetsya cash card and setting a form editor, all the rest, however, remains.
  • * Fixed a spelling error in the interface editor, translated several titles and missed a bit optimized, editor.
  • + The account management added sorting the list, and the list of available regions in the context menu. Fixed oshiyuka now accounts dialog is created on top of the main editor window.
  • + Added function to create lists of random colors for drawing and a new extended predprosomtr colors.

0.7.1 (18.03.2011)

  • * Fixed a spelling error in the chat window.
  • + Open shortcut menu is now possible through MMB.
  • + AF on the control groups and the tiles when you move the mouse.
  • * Potpravlenny size and location of the filter window.
  • * Fixes display pressed keys after hours drop down menu.
  • + Added ability to selectively hide the following types of static: walls, windows, roofs, floors and other proverhnosti, foliage, trees, water.
  • * Fixed memory leak when loading the group list.
  • * Modified controller working with groups. Change the look and design, next to a group light text in brackets is now writing the number of tiles that contains the group.
  • + Tag "Group" (fayle@TilesGroup.xml in) adding the formatting attributes of text: "color", "bold", "ital". Text formatting by default: @color = "0x000000", ital = "False" and ital = "True" if the group does not contain subgroups, bold = "False" and bold = "True" if a group contains more than 4 subgroups.
  • + When choosing tiles added search for tile from groups with automatic allocation of groups in which he found the desired tile.
  • + Added the history of group selection and tiles. Work with history (operations "Cancel" and "Repeat") is using hotkeys "+" and "-" or additional mouse buttons during a focus group on the list box.
  • + Expanded description format groups (TilesGroup.xml) introduced a reference data type to the group. Implemented using the tag <Link ID=VALUE />, where VALUE attribute value ID tag <Group />. The default value is 0, the assignment may be different groups of one and togozhe ID. Links represent the group without nested subgroups. Carefully cross references can hang editor.

0.7.0 (27.02.2011)

  • * Translated into Russian several missed messages and labels.
  • * Fixed bug when selecting tiles after launch.
  • * Fixed saving provisions set of random tiles when the exit option in the settings "Hiding random tiles" and with the option of drawing "random tile from the set."
  • * The format of file lists (nodraw, vlight, unused) changed from *.rxt to *.xml
  • * Change the folder to the settings and profiles to "CentrED" on "CentrED-plus".
  • + Individual settings and cache files minimap for each profile.
  • + Mules support all clients (both HS and SA and older).
  • * Translate all messages in Russian.
  • * Modified version of the protocol, the client CentrED + is no longer compatible with the original server CedServ (use server CedServ +).
  • + Check the version *. Mul client files (HS, SA, old) - blocks access for clients using the wrong version of the one used on the server.
  • + Added parameter - the name of the configuration file (you can use the various configuration files.)

0.6.1d (24.02.2011)

  • * Translated into Russian several missed messages and labels.
  • * Change the encoding to save profiles and data files on ANSI-1251.
  • * Small changes GUI.
  • + Save the following settings on exit: the current one, checkboxes relief and static, the amount of light, the profile and connection settings.
  • + Added sorting tiles in groups and download the list of groups from the file "gtiles.xml" (with the ability to multi-group selection and display of tiles, for the separation of the group from a specified number of sub-subgroups).
  • + The settings added to the Auto hiding lists "Random Tiles" and "group of tiles," as they are not used.
  • + In control color selection added preview color on the chosen subject (tile).
  • + Number of memorized action for the command "Cancel" ("Undo") increased from the 1st to the 64.

0.6.1c (20.02.2011)

  • * Fixed bug - do not add to the tiles above the ID higher 0хС000 list filtering
  • * Restructure menus and fixed bug status display pressed keys.
  • * Changed icons tools.
  • * Translated into Russian several missed messages and labels, bug fixed text display error "Connection error" in the wrong encoding for ruskoyazychnyh versions Windows.
  • * Fixed a bug with the addition of multiple tiles in the filter.
  • + In the "choice" added the ability to quickly add tiles and color filter, and move virtual layer.
  • + Save these settings on exit: 3D mesh relfa, area terrain, virtual light sources.
  • + Display of virtual light sources (and thus their ability to move or delete) and downloading them from file vlight.txt

0.6.1b (24.10.2010)

  • - Disconect button removed from toolbar
  • * Transferred the entire interface into Russian
  • * Modified Cyrillic encoding for ANSI-1251, so, well when names are displayed tiles in Russian from tiledata.mul and allows searching for Russian names.
  • * Fixed jambs with GUI and project files
  • * Fixed rendinga and display tiles with ID > 0xB000
  • + Added list of unused, hidden tiles for a list of tiles. (Already has filled list for hiding: unused, fallback, coastline Lendu and used, unused, empty, virtual, gumps, mobiles, catapult, ballista, old ships, orcish galeon, gargish galeon, tokuno galeon, british galeon, sa pavilion statics. Who needs can add or remove an item from the list by editing file unused.txt)
  • + Added new display mode card - embossed grid.

0.6.1a (10.06.2010)

The client and the server:
  • * Added support HS files (clients with version above 7.0.9)