Client data files

Layout and priorities

Files of a configuration can is in one of the following places:
  1. .\AppData\Local\CentrED-plus\Profiles\{Profile_Name}\
  2. .\{CentrED_folder}
  3. .\AppData\Local\CentrED-plus\
In case at installation storage of the user data in the folder with the appendix was chosen, the following paths will be used then:
  1. .\{CentrED_folder}\LocalData\UserData\Profiles\{Profile_Name}\
  2. .\{CentrED_folder}\LocalData\
  3. .\{CentrED_folder}\LocalData\UserData\

Thus an order of search such as it is specified above. That is if the required file is by the way of No. 2, the client will ignore the file lying in a directory No. 3

File list

*.mul files

The following files of the client are necessary for start of the client: @art.mul, @artidx.mul, @hues.mul, @tiledata.mul, @animdata.mul, @texmaps.mul, @texidx.mul, @light.mul and @lightidx.mul.