This file contains lists of the virtual and not used tiles.
Layout: by default settles down in the folder of the client, but in case of desire it can be manually moved to the profile folder.

General structure of the file

1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
3    <NoDraw/>
4    <LightSource/>
5    <Unused Name=""/>
Apparently the File consists them 3х "sections":
  1. NoDraw - contains the No Draw tile list.
  2. LightSource - contains the tiles list the virtual light sources.
  3. Unused - contains the list hidden tiles, tiles listed in this tag won't be displayed in the tile list in the editor. The Name attribute contains the group name, for navigation facilitation according to the file. For convenience the Unused tag is authorized for duplicating not singlely.

Admissible elements

1        <Land ID="0x01B5"/>
2        <Item ID="0x219C"/>
3        <Tile ID="0x619C"/>

These tags describe any specific tile with the specified ID in the attribute with the same name (both in a hexadecimal look and in decimal). The Land tag describes land tiles and their textures, the Item tag describes a statics, and the Tile tag can describe both that and another at the same time, thanks to the general ID. Generally for tiles TileID relief = LandID, and for the subjects TileID = LandID + 0x4000. These elements are located in the tags described in the previous point, for the tiles description.

For tags in "LightSource" section also available attribute "icon" - icon id for tile (from 1 to 15). Icons and their ids are given in the image on the right:

Example of file content

 1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
 3    <NoDraw>
 4        <Land ID="2"/>
 5        <Land ID="0x01AF"/>
 6        <Tile ID="432"/>
 7        <Tile ID="0x01B1"/>
 8        <Item ID="000001"/>
 9        <Item ID="0x2198"/>
10        <Tile ID="024985"/>
11        <Tile ID="0x619A"/>        
12    </NoDraw>
13    <LightSource>
14        <Item ID="0x1646" icon="1"/>
15        <Item ID="0x1647" icon="15"/>
16    </LightSource>
17    <Unused Name="Catapult">
18        <Item ID="0x1648"/>
19        <Item ID="0x1649"/>
20        <Item ID="0x164A"/>
21    </Unused>
22    <Unused Name="Coastline">
23        <Land ID="0x004C"/>
24        <Land ID="0x004D"/>
25    </Unused>
26    <Unused Name="Chess figures">
27        <Tile ID="0x7584"/>
28        <Tile ID="0x7585"/>
29        <Tile ID="0x7586"/>
30    </Unused>