This file contains the description of lighting colors for static tiles.
Layout: by default settles down in the folder of the client, but in case of desire it can be manually moved to the profile folder.

General structure of the file

1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
3    <Colors/>
4    <Sources/>
Apparently the File consists them 2 "sections":
  1. Colors - list of 15 colors (for tiles for which color isn't set, color with an index 1 is used as default value).
  2. LightSource - contains list of lighting sources tiles and id of lighting color for each of them.

Admissible elements

For elements from <Colors/>

1        <Color id="1"  r="0xFF" g="0xFF" b="0xFF" name="Default"/>
2        <Color id="4"  r="0xFF" g="0x80" b="0x00" name="Bright Orange"/>

These tags describe colors, with an index the defined id attribute and color in the RGB format set by the attributes "r", "g", "b" (with values from 0 to 0xFF (255)).

For elements from <Sources/>

1        <Item ID="0x219C" color="1"/>
2        <Tile ID="0x619C" color="15"/>

These tags describe any concrete tile with specified ID in the attribute of the same name (both in a hexadecimal look and in decimal). The Item tag describes a statics, and the Tile tag describes too but uses as ID - the general, i.e. TileID = ItemID + 0x4000. The attribute of color sets a color index, from the description in the section Colors. If suddenly color with this index isn't found, by default as color white color (0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF) is used.

Example of file content

 1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
 3    <Colors> <!-- NOTE: ALLOWED ONLY COLORS WITH IDs FROM 1 TO 15 -->
 4        <Color id="1"  r="0xFF" g="0xFF" b="0xFF" name="Default"/>
 5        <Color id="2"  r="0xFF" g="0xFF" b="0xFF" name="Bright White"/>
 6        <Color id="3"  r="0xE0" g="0xE0" b="0xE0" name="White"/>
 7        <Color id="4"  r="0xFF" g="0x80" b="0x00" name="Bright Orange"/>
 8        <Color id="5"  r="0xB6" g="0x5C" b="0x00" name="Thin Orange"/>
 9        <Color id="6"  r="0xFF" g="0xFF" b="0x00" name="Bright Yellow"/>
10        <Color id="7"  r="0x80" g="0x80" b="0x00" name="Thin Yellow"/>
11        <Color id="8"  r="0xB6" g="0xB6" b="0x00" name="Yellow"/>
12        <Color id="9"  r="0x80" g="0x80" b="0xFF" name="Bright Lilac"/>
13        <Color id="10" r="0x00" g="0x00" b="0xFF" name="Bright Blue"/>
14        <Color id="11" r="0x00" g="0x00" b="0x80" name="Thin Blue"/>
15        <Color id="12" r="0x00" g="0xFF" b="0x00" name="Bright Green"/>
16        <Color id="13" r="0x00" g="0x80" b="0x00" name="Thin Green"/>
17        <Color id="14" r="0xFF" g="0x00" b="0x00" name="Bright Red"/>
18        <Color id="15" r="0xFF" g="0x00" b="0xFF" name="Bright Pink"/>
19    </Colors>    
21    <Sources>
22        <!-- Original virtual sources -->
23        <Item ID="0x1646" color="2"/>
24        <Item ID="0x1647" color="2"/>
26        <!-- Other tiles ... -->
27    </Sources>