• Essence XWnd Shell
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         \ \  __\   \ \___  \  \ \___  \  \ \  __\   \ \ \-.  \  \ \ \____  \ \  __\         ...
  • CentrEd+

    "CentrEd+" is the modified map and statics CentrEd editor of the last version 0.6.1 (by Andreas Schneider). Main advantages of "CentrEd+" are: better client data files support, group filtering for tiles, new tools, brushes, multi objects, runuo integration, updated and improved multi language interface, many other new features (see history of changes for more detail). The editor is the client-server application so it's possible to edit and look through the maps for different people at the same time, besides the program allows to work with maps of any size. Originaly this modification was made espesially for the Quintessence server, but now after rather big work it's able for all UO commnunity. Thow Centred+ is still far from perfect and need a lot of features to implement and bugs to fix, we will hope you like it......

  • Essence UDK

    Friends we are happy to give you the access to a newest program to handle all the features of Ultima Online - Essence : Ultima Developper Kit. It will be able to handle all the things that actually UoFiddler does and more, even directly linking with a RunUO server or with CentrED+. It's all programmed via Visual Studio 2010 in C# and XAML in WPF all this in .NET 4 . The UDK architecture consists of several layers: API, Controls Library, Application, Plugins. So parts of our project can be also helpful in developing other application....

  • Fiddler+

    UOFiddler+ - modification of the UOFiddler application versions 4.4, the extremely potent browser of resources on functionality not conceding to the editors, allowing to look through almost all resources of the client of Ultima Online. The main differences from the main version: the translation into Russian, the interface completion, new possibilities of management, work with new formats of files, keeping track of by the server and support of nonstandard cards, graphics used on the server. The project is not complete and to be in a condition a version beta, besides became only under concrete needs of our server. Nevertheless it can be extremely the useful and interesting to other developers as it contains a set of completions and in it many features, sometimes so not getting to the original are realized. Further development of the project is slowed down for acritical time because of working on by the new project Essence UDK. Nevertheless, we cannot deny possibility of updatings in the future as often for realization of any work on the server expansion of a functional of Fiddler + is the fast and the elementary option. For feedback, support and quastions please visite our forum

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